What’s Wrong with the Internet? It Must be Broken!

After I combed the internet for months, I was unable to get hold of 2 million links that, according to several search engines, were available to promote my books. First of all, let me say that I consider myself an intermediate user of the Internet, but perhaps my perception was inappropriate when I searched and realized that I could not point to the necessary links.

The promotion of my book began with a press release (PR) to one of the leading public relations departments on the Internet. They tracked how many clicks there were, and I started to think if so many eyes were looking at PR on this site and search robots (whatever they were?) picking up PR for other sites; What can prevent me from submitting as much PR as possible? It was not the only site offering this wonderful FREE service, and the more I had PR, the more chances that I will be picked up by the “big” media.

My imagination played out, I called a lonely journalist, who was eager to tell the story of the next bestseller. You’re laughing! With this PR service, I insert a needle into a haystack, but I could increase my chances if there were a lot of needles. A technique I learned on the days when I was running swipes on the Internet. What are you asking for? If this is allowed, the more you participate in the draw, the higher your chances of winning, as in the story of the person, when he sent literally thousands of applications and won valuable prizes. My chances of slipping weren’t that great, but I have a few trinkets that I can show without much effort. I hope that with four efforts to promote the books I will be able to achieve great results – to dream again. Tip 1. There is software for autocomplete web forms, and some even allocate a few empty fields for personal use. A lifeline if you need to enter the final PR line more than a few times. Tip 2: Don’t enter your Social Security number and credit card information since I read that some mistakes were made due to the ease of autocomplete.

Okay, I’ve turned it down.

So I started using my ISP and started looking for a press release and was thrilled when he responded by providing 2 million sites to download my PR. I spent hours figuring out which sites were free; It may be more receptive. and for what PR had to be adjusted. Just as quickly my dream collapsed. I couldn’t go beyond 250 links. Why can’t I see or visit other sites? I contacted my ISP to file a complaint and they “allegedly” helped me fix the browser. It didn’t work, so I moved on to the next major ISP and again was limited to the number of links I could access.

This time I filed a strong complaint of violation of the Freedom of Information Act, which I think applies only to the (really smart) government. Why can’t I access 2 million Press Release search results? It is good that we have access to all the information on the Internet, not limited to how much or what we can see. To make matters worse, we can’t update the search and see other links that we haven’t visited.

I assume that businesses with an online presence will consider themselves having access to a world where millions of people can browse their products and/or services, and therefore their livelihoods will be better – instead meeting with reason is simply not necessary. And in this world of legal jargon, anti-spam laws restrict those who advertise on meager budgets and limit the few legal options we have to promote our product online; where websites ask us to provide information, our browsers (or isps) deny us access.

I kept checking the best search engines, and I had the same problems. What was most annoying about the search, in addition to the same links that appeared, several sites filled out several pages of results with multiple categories. Do these websites have a monopoly on my already limited internet research? It was boring, the process was tedious, and now I was angry. Convinced that my Internet is broken, my task was to fix it.

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