Move to Freshwater, Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Until 2008, Freshwater, called The Harbour, was Sydney’s crazy surfing suburb. 17 km from the central business district, just beyond Manly, it is one of the beaches in the north of the Warringah area. It was on Freshwater Beach in 1915. “The Duke” Kahanamoku (aka Big Kahuna), a famous Hawaiian surfer from Waikiki, introduced Australia to the art of surfing. Impressed by the soft local tree, the Duke carved a long board and demonstrated his skills to thousands of locals, creating a tradition that Has Since been adopted by Australians on the coast. The Duke was immortalized in a statue placed on the northern promontory above the Fresh Water.

Freshwater is home to 7,893 people, many of whom work in professional services, administration, finance, healthcare and retail. If you’re looking for a freshwater home, the median price for the year to May 2010 was $1,250,000 for a house and about $465,000 for an apartment. Therefore, switching to fresh water is not cheap. But the locals love this lifestyle, and if your family likes ocean views, swimming and surfing, hiking and cycling, then so are you.

Freshwater climate is typical of the Sydney coast. The sea breeze tends to keep the weather moderate and tolerable, unlike Sydney on the western mainland, which can experience real extremes. Winter temperatures during the day usually range from 9 to 19 degrees Celsius, and in summer you will experience average peaks in the mid-20s. The climate makes the seaside suburb a great choice for those who are going to move to Sydney. They are more expensive, but right outside the door there are so many free holiday options. In particular, the fresh water is very beautiful – and it is calmer than the more lively beaches of Manly and Bondi.

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